The Black Tor Mine was a Lumminite mine that later housed the Sparticle Project.



The mine was opened during the Victorian era to mine the ore Lumminite. Due to the properties of the Lumminite, the Victorians gave the Black Tor Mine the nickname of the Magic Mine.

Years later scientists decided to build the Sparticle Project, a project designed to prove parallell dimensions exist, in the Black Tor Mine due to the fact the Lumminite would boost the energy of the project.

But a scientist working on the project, nicknamed Doomsday Dora, realized that the energy levels would be too much and would split the children and adults into two different dimensions but nobody would listen to her.

Series oneEdit

The QuestEdit

The mine is first mentioned in the show in the Quest when Kat and Reese figured out the location and announced it to everyone. 

The sparticles and holly go on and do the quest because it is the only way to get the adults and children over 15 back in their parallel dimension from the other parallel dimension.

The Sparticle ProjectEdit

The mine is first seen in The Sparticle Project when they arrive and is the setting for the rest of the episode.


The main doors were large and was painted with a firey daemon on them by the Mystic Moles tribe. Theres a large hollowed out tunnel leading to a cavern full of lumminite and Megans throne. The cavern also has the voice activated door there where the Sparticle Project is accessed from.