'Doomsday' Dora Petty


Dora Petty


About 65



First Appearance

The Message

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The Sparticle Project

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Played By

Annette Badland

Dora is a scientist working on the Sparticle Project who is also looking into Heart Chakras. She left a message on her laptop for the children telling them to go to the Sparticle Project and to realaign the 2 worlds, which was discover by Reese while searching her office. She is a believer in supernatural, unnatural and mystic things. She is called Doomsday Dora by Professor Henry Barker because she always talks about the end of the world as we know it. Her real name is Dora Petty.


Doomsday Dora is kind but can lose things easily. She also loves cheese and onion crisps.


Doomsday Dora has short blonde hair and has various outfits throughout the show.


Pre ShowEdit

Doomsday Dora was a scientist working on the Sparticle Project and was the only person who realized that the lumminite in the Black Tor mine would give the Sparticle Project too much power but no adult would believe her. She also monitored Anita as she was trying to prove a heart chakra theory.

At some point in her life she was teleported to the future when reese messed around with the quantum nexus.

Series Naratorish person that tells the Sparticals what to do next from the other worldEdit

The MessageEdit

Doomsday Dora is first mentioned in 'The Message' when the tribe is exploring the university and Kat and Reese stumble upon her office. There, Reese finds a laptop with a message from her explaining about the events that have happened. It also revealed she was studying Anita for her theory of heart chakras.

The FunfairEdit

reece has visions of dora leaving clues in a funfair leading reece to find luna

The Sparticle ProjectEdit

Doomsday Dora tells the Questers to travel to the Quantum Nexus.