Luminite is a rock found exclusivly found in the Blacktor mine. It is noticeable as it is able to boost light, heat and sound.


The rock appears to be a shiny red and can vary in sizes such as small little crystal like shapes to larger shapes that can boost enough power to power a large hotel such as the City Hotel. If a torch is focused on it, it reflects the light  very brightly.



Luminite was mined by Victorians and they nicknamed the Blacktor mine the 'Magic Mine' due to the luminites qualities. Jordan and Jefferys grandad was a miner there and had a piece of luminite as a souvenier. It is known the luminite, if a light source is shined on it, can emit a bright glow.


Series oneEdit

The MessageEdit

Luminite is first seen in the Message when Kat realizes her dad has left her a luminite necklace as a birthday present t hurts Reeses head but she hides this fact.

The QuestEdit

Luminite is only called by name in the next episode, the Quest, when Reese for her senses it behind a calendar. They take it back to the hotel and while on the way back they use it to scare Callums gang. Reese uses it to save Ami and the hotel from blowing by bringing it to the rest of the tribe so they can put it on the power box.

The FunfairEdit

In the Funfair the fortune teller has some luminite in her tent as Reese and Sadiq find it when they explore the tent.

The Water RatsEdit

It is briefly seen when Tia realizes Jefferys causing the electricity to fail because he's charging his wheelchair battery.

The FalloutEdit

The Ranchers take the luminite used to boost the electricity with them when they leave the hotel causing the electricity in the hotel to fail in order to get revenge on the tribe of girls that forced the Ranchers to leave the hotel.

The Sparticle ProjectEdit

It is seen in the Sparticle Project in some road traps and is abundant in the mine where Megan has her throne Jordan later gives the tribes luminite to Doomsday Dora so she can give the luminite back to Jordan and Jeffreys grandad. ''''