Muna is a young girl, who became trapped between the two dimensions when the Sparticle Project was turned on. She appeared to Reese several times.


Muna is played by the actress Maia Tamaraka


Series oneEdit

The FunfairEdit

Muna first appears in the Funfair when Reese was exploring the ghost house. Reese finds a prop room in the ghost house, where she peeked through some clothes, only to see Muna, which terrified Reese, causing her to run out to Kat and Sadiq claiming that she had seen a ghost. Muna was next seen towards the end of the episode in control of the out of control ride. Muna later switches off the controls to the out of control rollercoaster ride just as Kat and Sadiq unplugged the power to the entire fairground, causing everyone to have different beliefs about whether it was Reese or Kat and Sadiq.

The HarvestEdit

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The Sparticle ProjectEdit

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  • It is implied Muna didn't die but rather she went back to the limbo state she was previously in, which was later confirmed in the episode The Stone Artos (Season 2 Episode 8).
  • Despite first appearing in The Funfair, her name isn't revealed until The Harvest.
  • Its also revealed in the Harvest that she speaks Portuguese meaning she is either from Portugal or a Portuguese speaking country in South America however by The Stone of Artos she seems to have learned English.