The Mystic Moles are a tribe in the Sparticle Mystery. They live in Black Tor Mine. Their leader, Meghan of The Mystic Moles, guards the Sparticle Project by making the younger members believe there is a minotaur in the area of the mine where the Sparticle Project actually is.


Series oneEdit

The Sparticle ProjectEdit

The moles are first seen spying on the Ranchers and Callum through some bushes. They are next seen when a mole opens the main door and calls other members of the tribe. The Questers are taken to their leader Meghan who tells the other tribe members that Reese is an imposter and threatens to sacarafice them to the Minotour unless they incapacatate the Questers. The other members are last seen running away from the the mine in fear when Jefferys lumminite boosted megahone and Frankies unintentional Minotour shadow puppet. The only remaining member after they flee is their leader Meghan who tries to sabotage the Quest but doesn't succeed and eventually teams up with the Sparticles and Callum.


  • They made lumminite road traps that looked like dirt piles from when moles dig their way up to the surface.
  • Their parents worked at the Sparticle Project and were living at the project when the Disappearance happened as stated by Meghan.