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Welcome to the Sparticle Mystery Wiki, a collaborative encyclopedia dedicated to the CBBC original show, The Sparticle Mystery. Each series of the show focus on children in the United Kingdom who have to struggle with taking care of themselves and others after all people above the age of fifteen inexplicably disappear. The show follows the journey of the Sparticle Tribe, a group of kids who are set on bringing back the adults. They face several adversaries on the way, from governments rising in the power vacuum to supernatural anomalies that they don't understand.

This site contains information on the various characters, episodes, and locations; however, this is still an incomplete fan-based and fan-run community, which means you are more than welcome to help in contributing and adding to the vast information the site has to offer. Anybody can edit, however, vandalism and inaccurate information is not tolerated.

This wiki currently has a lot of pages that need to be worked on, so if you don't know where to start, go through the ones that need help and fix them up!

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